Sunday, November 14, 2010

Foggy Marsh Morning

This is a wonderful little hide-a-way place in Brunswick behind a marina..I went on a foggy morning and painted this...It was a bit chilly and damp from the moisture in the air but what an interesting subject to paint! Capturing the feeling of fog was difficult, but in the end, I was pleased! 16x20 oil on canvas..for sale

Fresh Vegetables

These tomatoes and squash are from my favorite place to buy vegetables.... the vegetable stand up the road from my house... There is nothing quite as wonderful as collecting all these colorful edibles for a painting and then later having them in my salad and for my dinner... Isn't it a great thing to have fresh produce? This painting is an 11x14 and for sale.. If interested, contact me...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Darien Waterfront

This is the Darien Waterfront which I found absolutely delightful! It was drizzling rain most of the day, but the painting was very fun! To the left of where I was standing to paint this, was a very large, very dead alligator which when the wind blew just right gave me a not too pleasant aroma, but neither rain, nor sleet, or dead alligators could stop me! The DNR came later and collected him for a proper burial.. See ya later, Alligator

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fort Frederica Town

Here is my beautiful Fort Frederica! I call it mine because I love to go there and walk and imagine that I am back in the 1700's when it was the town of Frederica. I try to imagine all the sounds of sawing, hammering and nailing, voices of children and the townspeople shouting to one another.. It is a quiet, very beautiful place on the river but a strategic point of history for our state.. It is a treasure.. 11x14 oil on panel $250.00 plus S&H

Slave Cabin in Spring

I was painting this old tabby slave cabin at Hamilton Plantation, currently known as Epworth by the Sea, when a very nice lady walked up to me and asked me if I would like to see the inside of the cabin. She was a member of the preservation committee for the historic site and was gracious to allow me to see inside. It was an amazing thing to see it. I painted this in spring when the breeze was blowing and azaleas blooming. The river is just behind the cabin.
Welcome to the old Taylors Fish Camp on St. Simons Island. This is where boats used to put in for fishing trips assisted by the Buchan family.. The Camp is closed down now due to the exchange of ownership from Sea Island Co. to another company. This dock was part of a John Voight movie called CONRACK which truly showed the beauty of our island! I am priviledged to have been able to go there and paint...
11x14 canvas- $250.00 plus S&H

In the Village

This was such a fun painting to do! Strothers Hardware and Dressners Restaurant have been a part of the Village for a long time! I love all the colorful stuff in the windows and I had a ball painting the cars.. Where I was painting was in a shady spot and many people stopped to take a peek and talk for a bit.. It was a lovely day in the Village.
11x14 canvas $250.00 plus S&H

Early Morning Beach Walk

One early morning, I was out walking on the beach of St. Simons Island and took this photograph from which I later painted this image. There's nothing quite like being at the beach early in the morning and listening to the waves crash upon the shore, hearing the cries of the seagulls and feeling the warm sun upon your face! I love where I live.....

Driftwood beach

Beautiful Driftwood beach is where I was the other day.. It was magnificent.. All these trees are bent and swayed because of the constant ocean breezes blowing against them.. I painted up on a sand dune under a big tree and loved every minute of it.. Painting outdoors restores my soul in every way.. I can't wait to go there again! This 12x12 wrap around painting is for sale for $150.00 plus S&H. Please send email if interested.

The Old Bait House

This old bait house at the end of the causeway, has caught my eye for a long time now.. And, my dear artist-friend Laurel, suggested we go paint it plein aire, which we did.. It was a lovely day and a lovely subject...however, shortly after we painted this, the place was fenced in and locked..So, we are so happy we got a chance to paint there! 8x10 canvas. $125.00 plus S&H. Email if interested.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Harrington Graded School-16x20 watercolor

This lovely old building caught my eye right away after we moved to this area in 1996. I thought it was a church and after inquiring, I discovered it to be a school... Since doing this painting a while back, I have hoped that it could be used to bring awareness to the need to restore it back to its grandeur!
We just returned from a week of festivities in Nashville, Tennessee for our son's wedding.. It was quite a celebratory week and with that came lots of stress. Stress can be good or bad depending on what is going on in your life at the time... I am learning this important thing about stress... No matter what things may look like, keep breathing with this thought, "This is just temporary and I will get through this!" And, then by some type of miracle, all things seem to work out! GOD is good and HE cares about all that concerns us and HE has a plan to take us through.. Having gotten that out of the way, I want to share a true miracle that took place at the wedding of Mckendree Tucker to Rachel Goll. August is not a time to have an outdoor wedding because the sun is truly blistering and unmerciful in its relentless heat. However, it was in Mckendree and Rachel's heart to have an outdoor wedding by two gorgeous weeping willow trees and a pond that is easily accessed by a bridge. So, to the throne, we began beseeching GOD to have mercy and give all of us some shade from the infernal heat.. I am serious when I say, that at 6:00pm the sky began to cloud up, thunder and lightening began to light up in the distance, and an amazingingly refeshing breeze began to blow in such a way that most everyone was praising GOD! The wedding began a little after 6:30pm and we all enjoyed it in shade and breeziness without a drop of rain! It was wonderful and so sweet of FATHER GOD to answer our prayers in such a way! The reception was still hot because it was held on the same property in an unconditioned barn, but because of the cloud covering, we all got through just fine! And, when it was all over, said and done, the most important thing took place! Mckendree and Rachel were married, became husband and wife and embarked on the most wonderful adventure of marriage!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aha! I knew that if I played and explored enough around this page, I would eventually find where to post a new blog... Here it is.. If only I could just create paintings and get someone else to do all this technical stuff! Well, like the little red engine,"I think I can, I think I can!" What I want to say is this.... Here it is June 29th, the busiest summer that I can remember.. I live on an island in South Georgia and already since April, we have had six different guests staying at our home at different times... So, you can imagine that there has been little time for painting and even if there was time, the weather has not been cooperating.. It has been the hottest summer in quite a while! Even in all the busyness, I have managed to paint outdoors four times and have taken many, many amazing photographs! And, I think one of the most special things for me is my recent baptism in the ocean, by my pastor-husband! I truly loved it and felt different! This summer seems to be pointing to us that FAMILY is a precious gift that needs to be cherished... We have been blessed to spend time with my family and Mack's and in about a month, we will all gather to see our last child and only son get married to a wonderful woman named Rachel... Oh, How sweet it is! This thing called life!

Monday, June 7, 2010

what to do with all my paintings

I know I was created to paint and paint is what I do every chance I get.. I would think that painting for the artist is like catching THE fish for the fisherman.. It is a treasure hunt... However, I get so caught up in the hunt that I find myself with so many paintings that I don't know what to do with them all.. I spent most of today getting my paintings in frames and hanging them gallery style in my studio so that they will be displayed nicely for the viewer.. Now, for the viewers... I called several of my former customers and invited them to come see old and new paintings at discount-close-out prices... Two precious ladies came and one of them picked five possibilities after she discusses it with her husband.. So, after they left, I wrote notes on an estimate for her five paintings and rearranged the paintings for the next viewer... I must say, I have been back in my studio two times just to look at the beautiful display of my newest art on the walls and my older ones stacked on the floor.. I think I am pretty proud of myself for what I accomplished today... Maybe tomorrow, I can paint.... Maybe, I will find a treasure.... The hunt is on... again....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

First post and painting.

This is one of my favorite paintings of a lady in Charleston doing what she does best, weaving amazing baskets! I remember the fun I had during this painting process..There is just something real special about seeing someone take dried grass and turn it into something beautiful and useful...I hope you enjoy the BASKET WEAVER as much as I do.. This one is the original oil on 30x40 canvas.. It is for sale at $3,000.00.

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