Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That Was My School

While I was painting this one afternoon, I heard an elderly ladies voice ask me, "What are you doing?" I answered, "I am painting this old schoolhouse!" Ah, she said, That was my School!" She lived across the street and began to tell me of how she went there from the time she was 5 years old.. Miss Carrie at the time was 92 and after a little persuasion, agreed to pose for me. This painting won me 2nd place in a juried art show and also the Peoples Choice Award... Miss Carrie enriched my life with her stories and I treasure each one of them.. She is gone now but lives forever in this painting...
This very Pink house is truly a "Peachy" one in the Harrington are of St. Simons Island. The landscaping seems to be very old and settled but well maintained. This May afternoon was closely turning to dusk as I called it quits and began to pack up my stuff. I have the privilege of driving by this house almost daily and I wish you could see the little purple outhouse just to the left... That will be another painting another day.... Till then.

I love old things and old buildings.. This sad, old dockhouse looks exhausted but even in the midst of crumbling, it appears to be smiling... Once after painting this, I had the opportunity to see it from a boat and what a sight to see...All the weathered boards and differing shades of white were a delight for these artists eyes! Seeing this old building is always a welcoming sight as I drive over the last bridge to St. Simons Island..

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