Friday, June 3, 2011

Pink Chapel

This is the Pink Chapel in West Point Plantation on St. Simons Island...It has a very interesting history beginning with Colonel William Hazzard, a Revolutionary war hero who owned all of West Point. He had a son named Thomas who killed a well known resident of the island which brought about ostracism for the entire Hazzard family. The Hazzards decided that they did not want to endure the ostracism any longer by attending Christ Church with everyone else, so in 1838, they built their very own chapel. Through the years it has turned pink by the growth of a fungus known as Pink Lichen. The island folklore is that it turned pink because of the blood shed caused by Thomas Hazzard. I painted this in the early winter. The original was an 8x10 oil on canvas which has sold but I have prints..

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