Monday, June 7, 2010

what to do with all my paintings

I know I was created to paint and paint is what I do every chance I get.. I would think that painting for the artist is like catching THE fish for the fisherman.. It is a treasure hunt... However, I get so caught up in the hunt that I find myself with so many paintings that I don't know what to do with them all.. I spent most of today getting my paintings in frames and hanging them gallery style in my studio so that they will be displayed nicely for the viewer.. Now, for the viewers... I called several of my former customers and invited them to come see old and new paintings at discount-close-out prices... Two precious ladies came and one of them picked five possibilities after she discusses it with her husband.. So, after they left, I wrote notes on an estimate for her five paintings and rearranged the paintings for the next viewer... I must say, I have been back in my studio two times just to look at the beautiful display of my newest art on the walls and my older ones stacked on the floor.. I think I am pretty proud of myself for what I accomplished today... Maybe tomorrow, I can paint.... Maybe, I will find a treasure.... The hunt is on... again....

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