Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We just returned from a week of festivities in Nashville, Tennessee for our son's wedding.. It was quite a celebratory week and with that came lots of stress. Stress can be good or bad depending on what is going on in your life at the time... I am learning this important thing about stress... No matter what things may look like, keep breathing with this thought, "This is just temporary and I will get through this!" And, then by some type of miracle, all things seem to work out! GOD is good and HE cares about all that concerns us and HE has a plan to take us through.. Having gotten that out of the way, I want to share a true miracle that took place at the wedding of Mckendree Tucker to Rachel Goll. August is not a time to have an outdoor wedding because the sun is truly blistering and unmerciful in its relentless heat. However, it was in Mckendree and Rachel's heart to have an outdoor wedding by two gorgeous weeping willow trees and a pond that is easily accessed by a bridge. So, to the throne, we began beseeching GOD to have mercy and give all of us some shade from the infernal heat.. I am serious when I say, that at 6:00pm the sky began to cloud up, thunder and lightening began to light up in the distance, and an amazingingly refeshing breeze began to blow in such a way that most everyone was praising GOD! The wedding began a little after 6:30pm and we all enjoyed it in shade and breeziness without a drop of rain! It was wonderful and so sweet of FATHER GOD to answer our prayers in such a way! The reception was still hot because it was held on the same property in an unconditioned barn, but because of the cloud covering, we all got through just fine! And, when it was all over, said and done, the most important thing took place! Mckendree and Rachel were married, became husband and wife and embarked on the most wonderful adventure of marriage!

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